10,000 YouTube Subscribers GIVEAWAY

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Here’s the 10,000 subscribers giveaway! Follow the rules below to partecipate.


Anyone can enter this giveaway. You’ll have to give your postal address if you win.
You don’t have to pay anything for the shipping.


Watch the video, click here!


♦ Log in at the box above using your name and your email.
♦ Fill out one or more forms. The “Youtube” form is required, the others are optional.
♦ You’ll get one entry for each valid filling.
♦ You can’t enter more than 4 times!
♦ Please share and tell your friends about this giveaway! :)

GIVEAWAY starts on the 16th April 2015, and ends on the 26th April 2015.

» The winner will be selected on the 26th and announced here in my site and in my facebook page .
» I’ll send an email to the winner.
» If the selected winner doesn’t reply to me in 48 hours, I’ll select another winner.

♦ You can’t enter by commenting on this page.

Good luck to everyone! ;)


  1. appena ho visto il video del giveaway sul tuo canale ho subito pensato dovevo partecipare assolutissimamente! adoro il tuo stile nel disegnare e spero vivamente di vincerlo questo giveaway, ci terrei tantissimo ^^

    P.s: spero che il nome del mio canale non ti faccia pensare che sia un modo per prenderti in giro, purtroppo non riesco a cambiarlo ^^”

  2. Hihi!
    Um just about the date of the announcement, will it be announced on the 26th for areas like Australia? Or areas like America? They’re about a day apart so if it’s announced on the 26th for places like Australia, then it’s going to be the 25th for America!
    Thank you!
    Btw your art is absolutely stunning!

  3. Partecipo volentieri! Ti conosco da un po’ di tempo e ti trovo bravissima! Sono molto contenta di partecipare al tuo giveaway!
    Mi sono iscritta sia al tuo canale youtube che su tumblr come Popollino e invece su facebook sono Valentina Bloise. Grazie dell’opportunità! ;)

      1. Hi I have been subs to ur channel on all my channels but I have same name on Facebook ;) I love your art .. k also draw ;) I have my own channel Yari G or (AnimeGirl2586) they are the same you tube change it to my name lol.. thank you and Congrats on your 10,000 and many more

  4. Hello ^^ Sarah I love your art style, it is so unique and beautiful ^^. I hope I win the giveaway so I can decorate my room with your drawings ^^. I used my mothers Youtube account to subscribe to you but my own facebook to follow you. Is this okay?

    1. Don’t now if my Mail was accepted by the web I think I’ve written like 5 times XD like your drawing style ^^
      I wish I could win the give away
      Love you :3

  5. Io sono entrata col mio account Facebook solo che la email del mio account Facebook non è la mia email…Quindi, metti caso che vinco io, l’email viene mandata all’email del mio facebook? Perche senno sarebbe un problema…Ah e, un altra domanda, il mio nickname di Youtube è un nickname usato veramente tanto, quindi come farai a trovarmi per vedere se sono iscritta o no? Ok ora non ti rompo più, spero proprio di vincere *-* è il primo giveaway a cui partecipo!

  6. Hey x3
    <3 <3 <3
    umm..I've seen your site before,and I really like it! <3 <3 <3
    you're an amazing artist and I am really happy for your 10,000 subs! :)
    You deserve it! And I hope you'll get even more subscribers and followers! :D
    So,since this is my first time I am commenting here,I want to ask you about that giveaway :)
    I saw the video,but,can you tell me more about it? I am interested ^^
    And keep with amazing art! I will always support you! :3
    nice wishes and everything well! ^^ <3 <3 <3

  7. Hello Sara!!
    i’m from Italy like you, but i live in Sweden now. I’m a subscriber of your Youtube Channel and i’m totally in LOVE with your artworks ♥ I have a youtube channel too.
    I can’t draw at all, but one of my hobbies its planning, scrapbooking, and journaling so i usually print a little version of your drawings and put it in my kikki-k planner ♥♥♥

    Congratulations on your achievement of 10.000 subscribers!! all well deserved!

  8. Your art is gorgeous and your videos are so enterteining! I hope i win cause it would be reaaaally awesome to have prints of your work to hang in my walls + here you cant find copics so i’d love to have a set of copics.
    Keep uploading videos please <3

  9. Hi I really like your art so much ,my (dream) “sounds kinda nerdy” but its to become a mangaka and your style is really helped my style develop “your art is awesome !!!” Thank you and I hope you continue doing your drawings. “Yeah Sara fabrizi !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. congratulations on your milestone >w<

    thank you so much for this possibility
    aww I love copic markers
    I never had my own because they are too expensive
    and I don't get pocket money.
    (I only watch copic marker videos on yt
    and at some point I found your channel c; )

    Ps: I have no Facebook :c
    and sorry if my english is a bit wrong, I'm from austria ^^'

  11. Heyy! :)
    I like your Art so much! Its so awesome *~* I’ve been looking you YouTube channel since a long time :) Hope you’ll never stop making Videos ;) <3

  12. I would really love to win because my father put me in a drawing course and i heard about that copic markers are very good but expensive
    Sorry for my english I’m from Austria

  13. Um….. I may have put my Facebook name wrong. Auto correct changed it so it says File instead of Fike. What do I do???

  14. Where do I start?! I have been subscribed for a few months now, and I am really inspired by your drawing. I am an aspiring artist and hope to be at your level one day. I don’t have much luck so im not really expecting to win, but I’m really excited for your future creations.

  15. Hi! I’ve been following your youtube channel for a while and your art is amazing! Do you have any tips on how you got so amazing at drawing/coloring?

  16. Hey Sara,

    I recently started following you on tumblr ( was tickled pink when you followed me back btw ^///^ ) and only discovered your art recently after your Nagisa piece. The wonderfuly colourful you create is so captivating to watch ^-^

    Thank you and congratulations on your milestone!!

  17. Hey Sara,
    I am also an youtube Artist, and i also draw Manga. However, i am far from your level of drawing… Still, maybe you want to take a look at my channel XD
    Thank you <3

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